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Thank you for visiting Kravig Red Angus.   The Kravig family, starting with my father, has taken great pride in producing QUALITY cattle that create a reputation of working FOR YOU, and not the other way around.  We love to visit about the cattle industry and in paticular the Red Angus breed feel free to call us with any questions you might have about our operation or any other questions you have about the Red Angus industry.


Due to the uncertanity of Colorado weather and the costs associated with feeding a heavy bred cow through the winter months we have chosen to have a spring calving cow herd with our first calf usually arriving the first week of April.   The calves are weaned at 1Kravig Red Angus80 days of age and the heifers are then turned out to pasture where they receive 7 tenths of a lb of cake per day for 90 days and minimal hay.  We do not believe in pushing our bulls for maximum gain and we can guarantee they will not be overly fat. We develop our bulls on 90 acres of grass and never give them more than 6 lbs of grain/hd/day, by developing the bulls like this we can ensure they will breed more cows without falling apart.

Every fall we purchase heifer calves back from customers who use our genetics.  These heifer calves are developed the same way as our own philosophy and are then bred in June and July.  These heifers then run on our short grass prairie all summer long and marketed each fall.

Feel free to contact us at anytime for questions, comments or just to visit.

cell: 719-740-8032
home: 719-446-5355
email: akravig@kravigredangus.com

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Mailing Address:
14901 County Road 28
Karval, CO 80823

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14901 County Road 28

Karval, CO 80823


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