Welcome to Kravig Red Angus, your source for superior Red Angus cattle in Eastern Colorado.  We are located in Karval Colorado, which is approximately 80 miles east of Colorado Springs.  Here at Kravig Red Angus we have been raising top-notch Red Angus cattle for the past 20 years, and we strive to produce quality Red Angus cattle that are ready to go to work for our customers.  We always have, and always will breed and produce our cattle with the commercial cattlemen in mind.

We know the importance of low-maintenance, high efficiency cattle and we are proud to say that our CATTLE WORK FOR YOU, not the other way around.  We will not tolerate poor udders, poor structure, or poor disposition and for those reasons we maintain a cow herd with the following traits: Moderate frame, easy fleshing, great disposition, a sound udder, and structural correctness. Our cows are expected to go out into our short grass prairie and start making a living, they never get pampered and if they can’t make it without help, they are going down the road.

Please navigate to the About Us page to find our more about our operation and how we developed our bulls.

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14901 County Road 28

Karval, CO 80823


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